Have You Tried The Haskap Berry?

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They say you learn something new everyday.  I truly believe this.  I am over 40 years old and have never heard of the Haskap Berry before... yet it's a native berry to Canada.  Growing up in Newfoundland we have our share of fruits and berries that grow naturally around the island.

The Haskap berry has been described as a cross between a tangy raspberry and a blueberry.  Their shape is like an long blueberry.   

I would really love the opportunity to try these berries. Could make some Haskap Berry Muffins, or maybe even a Haskap Berry Tart with whip cream on top!  OMG, that sounds awesome. 

If you've had these berries before comment below and let me know what they're like and what you've made from them!  I'd love to hear more about these interesting berries.

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