Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a minute to read over the questions below that we have received or we felt you may have.  There's some really important information regarding ordering from us and what to expect.  We tried to be as thorough as possible however I'm sure we have missed a few very good questions you might have.  If you have any questions not covered here or just need some clarification reach out to us and we will be glad to help.


When will my order be shipped?

Orders are usually processed within 2-3 business days.   You will receive one or more tracking numbers usually within 3-5 business days after it has been processed.

Where will my order be shipped from?

We are a family owned Canadian company however due to cost of storage and shipping within Canada we do not keep any stock here in Canada.  We have partnered with fulfillment centres in various countries to source and store our products and ship them directly to you.  When you place an order with us your order will be fulfilled by one or more of these centres.    

How many packages should I expect to receive?

You may receive multiple packages for your order as it is processed by multiple fulfillment centres.  Each centre will process a portion of your order and ship it out directly.  

How long will it take to receive my order?

You should expect to receive your order within 2-3 weeks on average after it has been processed and shipped.  Depending on your location in Canada, customs, and Canada Post, you may experience delays.  We will provide tracking numbers so you can track your package, however we unfortunately cannot make any guarantees on shipping times.  

Important Update:  Due to COVID-19 there are possible significant delays, please see our shipping policy for more information.

How do I cancel my order?

We allow 24 hours to cancel an order.  After which orders cannot be canceled. Orders shipped cannot be canceled.  If you wish to receive a refund after 24 hours please wait for the all items to arrive and contact us for return instructions.  All returned items must include a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.   Please see our Refunds & Returns section for more information.

Will I be charged import duties?

As your item will be shipped from multiple fulfillment centers and suppliers outside of Canada there is a possibility of being charged for import duties.  In our experience majority of our customers are not charged import duties on products ordered through us, however we cannot guarantee this.  You are responsible for all duty charges imposed by customs.

How do I check the status of my order?

If you have an account you can log in and check the status of your order.  If you didn't opt in for an account you should receive updates by whichever contact method you provided during checkout.  If you have any questions, contact our customer service and we'll be able to help.

Why do I see the same products multiple times?

There's a couple reason for this.  First, it could simply be a mistake.  Reach out to our customer service department so we can verify if the product has been listed multiple times and fix it.  If it's not a mistake, it's more than likely due to the same product is being offered by multiple suppliers we deal with.  Sometimes we add a product we like and that product has other related products associated with it (ie different styles of chocolate molds) that get added as well.  We try to list a particular product only once and select the best supplier to use at the best price for you.  If you see a product that appears to be the same at different prices feel free to reach out to us for guidance on the best one to purchase.  

Will the item match exactly as the picture?

In most cases yes.  Many suppliers have indicated to us either directly or via their product catalog that colours may vary due to lighting techniques used in their photography as well as personal settings of your computer/phone screen.  If we notice any significant difference between the actual item and the supplier's stock photos we will update the description to let you know.  We just wanted to pass this along to you as our site uses images directly from the suppliers and you can be aware before buying.

I received the wrong product, what do I do?

We are truly sorry if you receive the wrong product.  Contact our customer service department and we'll do what we can to make it right.  Be sure to keep the product handy as we might need details or pictures to ensure we have the product listed properly.  

My product arrived damaged, what can I do?

We are not responsible for damage during shipping however we can usually help you.  Please reach out to our customer service department.  If possible please send as much details as possible and photos of the damage.  This will help us in determining what options we have available. 

Are product sizes accurate?

For the most part yes, please allow a few millimeters discrepancy for differences in manufacturing. 

Why are some of your product descriptions so hard to read?

Because we source most of our products from countries around the world the descriptions are usually poorly translated from their native language to English.  Our goal is to get the product added and available for you to purchase and then update the products with a more interesting and easy to understand description.  We hope to eventually have all our products updated and will attempt to stay on top of ensuring that all products have excellent descriptions.   We are constantly monitoring our products for stock levels, price changes, etc so the process of updating the description will take time.  We apologize and hope that at least the pictures we provide will be enough for you to make an informed decision on your purchase.  If you unsure of any product feel free to reach out to us and we'll gladly help!  

Why does my aluminum pan I receive have scratches on them?

Aluminum is a very soft metal that scratches very easily.  I have been informed by the suppliers that this is normal and that these molds are NEW and UNUSED.  Please keep this in mind when ordering.  If you receive a pan and feel that the scratches are excessive or doesn't seem normal, just reach out to our customer service department for help.  We may get you to send us a picture of the scratches so we can check with the supplier regarding it.  We will also do what we can to make it right too!    

I saw a product yesterday, now it's gone... What happened?

We receive daily updates from our fulfillment centers and suppliers to keep our products up to date.  These updates includes price changes, quantity changes, and product availability.  We review these updates and update our prices and products accordingly.  This means that sometimes if a product is out of stock or no longer available we will either hide that product or delete it until it's available again.  If you've been keeping an eye on a product and really interested in it, send us a message and we'll see if the product is available through another supplier and add it back to the site for you.  

Where are your products made?

With the exception of just a couple products made in Canada under consignment majority of our products are made in China.  We have sourced products from other countries as well.