Shipping Policy

Below is our shipping policy, please read it carefully and only place your order if you are in agreement with this policy.  In addition, we recommend you read our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common questions when ordering from us.

We thank you for your time and look forward to serving you.  Have a great day!


We are a small family owned company on the east coast and appreciate your consideration for ordering from us.  Our goal is to be open and transparent so that you're comfortable with ordering from us and understand what to expect when ordering.  We have put a lot of effort into our shipping policy and frequently asked question pages which covers many of the questions that you may have.  We trust that if you are ordering from us you have reviewed both of these documents and in agreement when placing your order.  Thank you very much.

Order Processing Time

Please allow 2-3 business days for orders to be processed. Once processed it is sent to our fulfillment to be packaged and shipped.  You will usually receive tracking numbers within 3-5 business days after processing and sent to fulfillment.

Time frames are approximate.  Delays may occur.  

Shipping Fees

Shipping is a flat rate of $9.99.  We offer free shipping on all orders over $29.99.


Delivery Times

We are a family owned Canadian company and have partnered with fulfillment centres in various countries throughout the world.  When you place an order with us your order will be fulfilled by one or more of these centres.  You should expect to receive your order within 2-3 weeks from being shipped on average.  Depending on your location in Canada, customs, and Canada Post and/or local carriers, you may experience delays.  We will provide tracking numbers so you can track your packages, however we cannot make any guarantees on shipping times. 

Important Notice: The indicated shipping time is established on pre-COVID-19 averages. Despite the return to normalcy, the lingering impact of COVID-19 persists in our daily operations. While the majority of our shipping times have resumed regular schedules, a small percentage of orders may experience delays. We urge you to consider this potential delay when placing your order, and kindly ensure your acceptance of this possibility before proceeding with your purchase.

Mid February 2024 Orders

After the holidays we take a little time to ourselves.  We are still open for business as usual and will continue to process orders as they arrive, however with limited staff during this time expect some delays in your order being processed.  We really appreciate your order and ask for your patience during this time.  Also keep in mind that our fulfillment centres are located in various countries which may be celebrating a local holiday.  Any portion of your order that will be dispatched from there may be delayed in getting processed due to their holiday.  We ask for your patience and thank you for your order!

Tracking Codes

We provide tracking codes for majority of orders shipped. Small low cost items are shipped with a tracking code that has limited updates from Canada Post.  This means the package will appear stuck at times as the code is not updated regularly.  We can safely say the package is still on its way even if the code hasn’t updated as this is what we've seen from previous orders.  We know this can cause confusion.  Thanks for your understanding.

Multiple Deliveries

Our business is finding unique and useful baking supplies from around the world and as such our fulfillment centres and suppliers are located throughout the world.  If you order multiple items we will have the items shipped directly to you from one of these centres or our suppliers.  This means for one order you may receive multiple packages which will be received at different times depending on the originating country and customs.  We will not charge you any extra for having to ship the items separately and you will receive tracking numbers for each package shipped.