Way To Go! Shout Out To Some Young Canadian Entrepreneurs!

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I'm a huge supporter of entrepreneurs.  Especially young ones.  I have always been an entrepreneur at heart.  Even as a kid I used to sell lemonade and fresh trout to local tourists who visited the beach in our small town.  Ever since then I've been involved in various business adventures.

These young entrepreneurs are hosting a pop up shop at the Covent Garden market on May 4th and 5th as part of a project at school.  It was an idea of their teacher, Rob Gillespie, who felt that this is a great way to introduce those students entrepreneurship.  

They will be offering a variety of food / goods they've prepared at school.   Items like garden planters, water colour prints, balsamic dressings, various breads, truffle butter, artisanal dog biscuits, and more.  

If you're in the downtown London, Ontario area this weekend, check out the Convent Market and be sure to buy a few items from these students!  

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