What Spices Are in Italian Seasoning?

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Italian seasoning is a blend of herbs that are commonly used in Italian cuisine. The exact blend of herbs can vary, but typically Italian seasoning contains a mix of the following:

  1. Oregano: A pungent, slightly bitter herb that adds a warm, earthy flavor to Italian dishes.

  2. Thyme: A subtle, woodsy herb that imparts a fresh, herbal flavor.

  3. Rosemary: A strong, piney herb that adds a sharp, robust flavor to Italian dishes.

  4. Basil: A sweet, fragrant herb that is often used in tomato sauces and pesto.

  5. Marjoram: A milder relative of oregano, with a delicate, sweet flavor.

  6. Sage: A slightly bitter herb that has a warm, slightly pungent flavor.

These herbs are usually dried and then blended together to create a convenient all-in-one seasoning for Italian dishes. Italian seasoning is typically used to add flavor to pasta sauces, soups, stews, and marinades, but it can also be used to season meats, vegetables, and more.

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