Why do Fondant Melt on Whipped Cream?

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Fondant and whipped cream have different properties, and as a result, they can react in unexpected ways when combined.

Fondant is made from sugar and is designed to dry and harden. When fondant is exposed to moisture, it can begin to break down and lose its shape. This is why fondant can melt or become sticky when it comes into contact with whipped cream.

Whipped cream is a dairy product that contains a high amount of moisture. When whipped cream is exposed to heat or moisture, it can break down and lose its structure, causing it to become runny or watery. The moisture in the whipped cream can also cause the fondant to become sticky and lose its shape.

To prevent fondant from melting on whipped cream, it is important to keep the cake chilled until just before serving. This will help to maintain the structure of the whipped cream and prevent it from breaking down. It is also a good idea to apply the fondant decorations to the cake just before serving to minimize the amount of time they are in contact with the whipped cream.

Additionally, it is important to consider the environment in which the cake will be served. If the cake will be displayed in a warm or humid area, it may be more prone to melting or breaking down. In these cases, it may be best to use a different type of decoration that is more resistant to moisture, such as buttercream or royal icing.

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