Hand-Forged Bread Lame by Avie Waterfall

Hand-Forged Bread Lame by Avie Waterfall

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This handcrafted bread lame is perfect for artisan bread makers!  These are hand forged and very unique and only limited available.  Grab this one of a kind bread lame before they are sold out.

My name is Avie Waterfall

My name is Avie Waterfall and I am the creator of these hand-forged bread lames that you see before you! Growing up in the small arts town of Nelson, British Columbia, I have had the privilege of being surrounded by so many talented artisans, including my father who has been a blacksmith for over thirty years.  He has taught me everything that I know about blacksmithing and now, at age sixteen, I am forever grateful since I am able to create these unique products. Happy bread baking!
Please note that it is important not to submerge this product in water. In order to clean it, simply wipe it down and occasionally rub with food-safe mineral oil.
  • 1 Hand Forged Twisted Bread Lame
  • 2 Double Edged Stainless Steel Blades
  • 1 Blade Cover

With every purchase, Avie will donate 5% of her profits to the Good Food Access Fund set up by Community Food Centres Canada. The Good Food Access Fund provides food relief for individuals and families all across Canada and supports those who are currently struggling as a result of COVID-19. 

From Canada Baking Supplies: Avie reached out to us and told us her story.  We were so impressed by her workmanship and beauty of her hand forged bread lames that we immediately wanted to help her.   We think these are amazing and we are happy to list them for sale on our store.  Unlike our other products which we source and ship from various countries these bread lames are locally made and will be packaged and shipped directly from Avie in British Columbia when ordered. 
We highly recommend these one of a kind artistic bread lames and your purchase of these will support this amazing young entrepreneur.

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