Oval Banneton Proofing Basket for Perfect Proofing

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A proofing basket, known as a banneton in french or a brotform in german, is a must-have item in your home or bakery and our oblong proofing basket will allow you to make some great bread.  The iconic shape with the ridges that form from the tight layered natural rattan cane will add to the beauty of the wonderful bread you'll be making in this basket.

Includes: Linen Liner

Sizing measured in Length x Width x Height

Please Note: Size is approximate.  Measurements are to the outer top edges, ensure you verify the size you need.  See our note below from Pam at The Bread She Bakes for size recommendations. These are hand made and sizing will vary. Please allow 1-2 cm variation in size.

Sizing Chart for Oval Banneton Proofing Basket


✔️ Certification: FDA, EEC, CE / EU, SGS, LFGB, CIQ
✔️ Feature: Eco-Friendly
✔️ Type: Baking & Pastry Tools, Banneton Brotform
✔️ Baking & Pastry Tools Type: Dough Proofing Basket
✔️ Material: Rattan
✔️ Shape: Oval, Oblong
✔️ Related: 
Bead basket, Rattan Proofing Basket, Dough Proving basket, Bread Proofing, Proving, Rattan Basket, Bread
✔️ Package include: 1 Piece Rattan Basket with liners

What type of dough do I use?

A brotform proofing basket is mainly used in sourdough recipes, however it is useful for any wet dough recipe as the ratton will absorb some of the moisture out of the bread.  This results in a slightly humid environment in the basket which yeast really like. 

How do you maintain and clean a banneton basket?

A proofing basket made from natural ratton is very easy to maintain and clean.  If properly taken care of a banneton basket should last you years.  The process of maintaining and cleaning your proofing basket is very easy.  It is very important that you clean it after each use in order to keep away mold and other unwanted nasties. 

  • After use you can simply leave the basket in a warm dry location such as in the sun in the summer or over a hot oven.  This will completely dry the basket.
  • Once dry use a clean bristle brush and gently remove any dough or flour that is still stuck to the basket.
  • Keep your basket in a safe, ventilated, and dry location.
  • If excess dough has built up simply give the basket a few taps on it's edge against your counter to knock loose any dough and then spray it in your sink.  
  • Don't worry about it getting "too wet". 
  • Give it a good cleaning and ensure all dough and flour has been washed away.
  • Once done put it back in a sunny location or over a hot oven to dry again.
  • Ensure fully dry before putting away.

Tips for first use?

It is recommended to "condition" your proofing basket before first use.  This is easy.  Simply mist the basket lightly with water.  Add about a cup of flour (rice flour preferred) and dust the insides evenly and shake off the excess.  That's it.  Now you're ready for making some awesome sourdough bread!


Remember banneton baskets are made from natural rattan.  This means care is required to ensure it's free from damage, clean, and dry.  This also means that you cannot put your basket in the oven.  Please don't bake your basket, no good things will come from baking your proofing basket.  🙂

Is this the only shape you offer?

No, this basket comes in a variety of shapes and sizes including round, hollow, baguette, and triangle.  You can find all our proofing baskets here

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