Enhance Your Baking Presentation with Classic Black Gift Boxes

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Enhance Your Baking Presentation with Classic Black Gift Boxes

Introducing our versatile black gift boxes, perfect for cakes, cupcakes, baking, cookies, and more. Elevate your baking presentation with these stylish and functional boxes, available in sets of 5pcs or 10pcs.


  • Colour: Black
  • Gift Box Sizes:
    • 15x10x4cm / 5.9x3.9x1.6 inches
    • 15x10x6cm / 5.9x3.9x2.4 inches
    • 15x15x5cm / 5.9x5.9x2 inches
    • 18x10x4cm / 7.1x3.9x1.6 inches
    • 18x18x8cm / 7.1x7.1x3.1 inches
    • 19x10x3cm / 7.5x3.9x1.2 inches
    • 20x14x4cm / 7.9x5.5x1.6 inches
    • 20x16x6cm / 7.9x6.3x2.4 inches
    • 20x20x6cm / 7.9x7.9x2.4 inches
    • 22x22x6cm / 8.7x8.7x2.4 inches
    • 23x16x5cm / 9.1x6.3x2 inches
    • 24x24x6cm / 9.4x9.4x2.4 inches
    • 25x15x4cm / 9.8x5.9x1.6 inches
    • 25x16x7cm / 9.8x6.3x2.8 inches
    • 25x20x7cm / 9.8x7.9x2.8 inches
    • 27x16x5cm / 10.6x6.3x2 inches
    • 28x25x7cm / 11x9.8x2.8 inches
    • 28x28x5cm / 11x11x2 inches
    • 30x20x5cm / 11.8x7.9x2 inches
    • 30x20x6cm / 11.8x7.9x2.4 inches
    • 30x20x8cm / 11.8x7.9x3.1 inches
    • 30x30x5cm / 11.8x11.8x2 inches
    • 32x25x5cm / 12.6x9.8x2 inches
    • 32x32x5cm / 12.6x12.6x2 inches
    • 36x16x4cm / 14.2x6.3x1.6 inches
    • 36x26x4cm / 14.2x10.2x1.6 inches
    • 36x26x6cm / 14.2x10.2x2.4 inches
  •  Available in sets of 5pcs or 10pcs

Perfect for Your Delicious Creations:

These black gift boxes are specially crafted to showcase your baked goods with elegance. Whether it's a cake, cupcakes, cookies, or other treats, the classic black colour adds a sophisticated touch, making them ideal for special occasions, events, or thoughtful gifts for fellow baking enthusiasts.

Elevate Your Baking Presentation:

More than just boxes, these are a statement of style and sophistication for your bakery creations. Choose the perfect size for your delightful treats and make your baked goods stand out with a touch of classic elegance. Order your set now and redefine your baking presentation!


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