3D Cute Cartoon Boiled Egg Mold

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Color:  Random Color
Easy use and clean
Reusable, durable, practical.
Suit for an egg, rice, sushi, chocolate, bread, moon cake, cake, etc.
Can make sushi and decorate your cooking. It looks more fresh, delicious.
Condition: 100% Brand New & High Quality.
Material: Plastic 
Size:Approx 6.5cm * 7cm
Method of use (rice ball shape) :
1.Ready steamed rice (porridge is not suitable), and with non-toxic plastic wrap the two sides of the mold.
2. Fill the rice on either side of the mold, rice slightly prominent surface advisable, slowly close the lid.
Then, can immediately open the mold and take the rice ball out.
Method of use (egg shape) :
1. Wash the egg, then put it in the steamer for about 8 minutes.
2. The egg stripping shell and use of non-toxic wrap or not put in the mold,
slowly close the lid. Natural cooling about ten minutes, open mold, and take the egg out.
Warm prompt: because eggs different sizes, made the effect also has differences.

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