Antique Bronze Crack Ceramic Cabinet Handles Drawer Knobs

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KAK Antique Bronze Ceramic Cabinet Handles - European Style Drawer Knobs

Transform your furniture with these exquisite KAK Antique Bronze Ceramic Cabinet Handles. Whether you're revamping your kitchen cupboards, cabinets, doors, or drawers, these handles add a touch of European elegance.

Made by KAK, these handles are of the highest quality, ensuring they won't fade over time and will stand the test of daily use. The antique bronze design with a crack pattern on ceramic adds a unique and timeless charm to your furniture.

Choose the ideal size to fit your needs. These handles come in various pitch-row specifications: single hole, 76mm, 96mm, 110mm, or 128mm. Select the perfect match for your cabinets, doors, or drawers.

Each handle set includes everything you need for quick and easy installation. The handles are paired with screws, ensuring a complete and convenient package. Simply attach them to your furniture, and you'll instantly enhance the look of your space.

Add a modern, durable, and elegant touch to your home with these KAK Antique Bronze Ceramic Cabinet Handles. Whether you're giving your kitchen a makeover or upgrading your furniture, these handles will infuse style and character into your living space.

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