Eclipse Silicone Cake Mold Set - Baking Brilliance

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Eclipse Silicone Cake Mold Set - Baking Brilliance!

Elevate your baking game with our Eclipse Silicone Cake Mold Set. Crafted from food-safe, non-stick silicone, this set is perfect for creating stunning mousses, ice cream, chiffon cakes, and more. The unique design features a white base and a ring, ensuring easy and quick removal of your culinary creations.

The Eclipse mold produces a delightful shape with a flat top and rounded sides that gently bulge outward. Whether you're preparing sweet or savoury dishes, this versatile mold is oven and blast chiller-friendly, resisting temperatures from -76°F to +446°F (-60°C to 230°C).

Key Features:
- Food-safe non-stick silicone
- 7.48-inch diameter (190mm)
- 1.8-inch height (45mm)
- Volume: 33.8 ounces (1 liter)
- Durable and heat-resistant for versatile use
- Easy to clean and reuse

Add a touch of culinary magic to your kitchen with the Eclipse Silicone Cake Mold Set. Unleash your creativity and bake with confidence!

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