Fancy Cooked Eggs Cutter - Creative Bento Tools

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2 Pcs Random Color Fancy Cooked Eggs Cutter - Creative Bento Tools

Elevate your breakfast with these whimsical 2 Pcs Fancy Cooked Eggs Cutters. Unleash your creativity in the kitchen with these household boiled egg tools that add a touch of fun to your meals. Crafted from safe and odourless polypropylene material, these egg slicers are perfect for creating delightful shapes that will make your bento or breakfast plate a work of art.


  • Egg Tools Type: Egg Slicers
  • Type: Egg Tools
  • Eggbeater Laying Method: Hand
  • Material: Plastic
  • Random Colour: Receive two cutters in random, vibrant colours.
  • Creative Shapes: Choose from two patterns to add cute and creative shapes to your boiled eggs.
  • Smiley Carved Head Mold: Beautiful and practical design for a charming presentation.
  • Safe Material: Crafted from preferred polypropylene material, ensuring safety and odor-free usage.
  • Free DIY: Unleash unlimited creativity with these egg cutters.
  • Three-Dimensional Presentation: Gently roll to achieve a three-dimensional look for various cuisines.


  1. Roll the egg on the edge.
  2. Slowly disassemble the egg after rolling for a week.
  3. Eggs will resemble flowers after disassembly.
  4. Press on the egg with the head mold.
  5. Garnish with small sesame seeds for a finishing touch.
  6. Finish with a cute smiley face!

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