Festive Flair: Christmas Cake Stencils

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Festive Flair: Christmas Cake Stencils

Material: PET

Size: 13cm*13cm

Colour: White

Quantity: 1 pcs

Add a sprinkle of holiday magic to your desserts with our Festive Flair Christmas Cake Stencils. Crafted from PET material, these stencils are designed to elevate your festive baking to new heights.

Each stencil measures a charming 13cm*13cm, providing the perfect canvas for your creative confections. The crisp white colour adds a touch of elegance to your Christmas treats, making them as delightful to the eyes as they are to the taste buds.

Unleash your creativity with our stencils, featuring a variety of options to suit your festive theme:

  • Sparkling Snowflakes
  • Joyful Jingle Bells Mix
  • Merry Christmas Greetings
  • Festive Snowman Delight
  • Enchanting Tree and Deer Silhouette
  • Santa and Bell Bonanza
  • Whimsical Christmas Tree Magic
  • Santa's Cheerful Visage

Whether you're baking a yuletide masterpiece or adding a festive touch to everyday treats, these stencils are your ticket to Christmas enchantment. Sprinkle, stencil, and spread joy with our Festive Flair collection. Order yours today!

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