Fish Scales Grater - A Quirky and Efficient Kitchen Essential

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Fish Scales Grater - A Quirky and Efficient Kitchen Essential!

Introducing the Fish Scales Grater Scraper - the perfect tool to add a whimsy to your kitchen while making fish preparation a breeze! This adorable fish-shaped grater brings joy and convenience to your home cooking experience.


  • Fish Shape Design: Adds a playful and lovely touch to your kitchen
  • Cover Design: Prevents fish scales from flying during scraping for a mess-free operation
  • Raised Bottom: Easily scrapes off fish scales with minimal effort
  • Convenient Washing: Easy to clean and maintain for a sanitary kitchen
  • Hanging Holes in Handle: Neatly hang and store the grater


  • Seafood Tools Type: Seafood Crackers & Picks
  • Type: Seafood Tools
  • Material: Plastic (PP)
  • Colour Options: Blue, Green, White
  • Size: 16*6*4.5cm / 6.3*2.17*1.77"
  • Weight: 42g

The Fish Scales Grater Scraper combines fun design with practical functionality. The cover ensures a tidy kitchen, the raised bottom simplifies the scraping process, and the hanging holes make storage a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of fish scale removal!

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