LCD Digital Kitchen Scale Measuring Spoon

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LCD Digital Kitchen Scale Measuring Spoon

Introducing our LCD Digital Kitchen Scale Measuring Spoon - the ultimate kitchen gadget for precise cooking and baking. This innovative measuring spoon combines the accuracy of a kitchen scale with the convenience of a measuring spoon, making your culinary adventures even more delightful.

  • High-Precision Weighing: Inside the measuring spoon, you'll find a precise scale that allows you to measure various liquid and powdery baking ingredients with ease. Whether you're working with flour, powdered sugar, syrup, cocoa powder, milk, egg liquid, or more, this spoon's got you covered.
  • LED Display: The large LED display screen makes it a breeze to read data, ensuring you can quickly and accurately measure your ingredients.
  • Convenient and Simple: With high precision and a user-friendly design, our measuring spoon is not only detachable for easy cleaning but also incredibly convenient for storage.
  • Switchable Units: You can switch between units (grams and ounces) to adapt to different culinary situations, giving you flexibility and precision in your cooking.
  • Battery-Powered: The spoon operates on a single CR2032 button battery (not included), ensuring it's ready whenever you need it.
  • Auto Shutdown: To conserve battery life, the spoon features an auto shutdown function, turning off approximately 2 minutes after no operation.

Product Details:

  • Type: Measuring Tools
  • Measuring Tools Type: Measuring Spoons
  • Screen: LED Display
  • Weighing Range: 0.5g - 500g
  • Battery: 1 x CR2032 Button Battery (not included)
  • Unit: g/oz

Package Included:

1 X High-precision weighing spoon (Batteries not included)

Elevate your culinary skills with the LCD Digital Kitchen Scale Measuring Spoon. With precision and convenience in one tool, you'll be measuring ingredients like a pro for all your cooking and baking needs!



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