Merry Christmas Stainless Steel Spoon - Festive Table Delight!

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Merry Christmas Stainless Steel Spoon - Festive Table Delight!

Celebrate the holiday season in style with our Merry Christmas Stainless Steel Spoon. Available in stunning gold and silver, these spoons are adorned with charming festive motifs, including cheerful elks, snowmen, and Santa Claus. Measuring 15cm by 2.8cm and weighing just 14g, these spoons are perfect for adding a touch of holiday magic to your Christmas table. Whether it's for Christmas decoration, home decor, or a special Christmas gift, these spoons are a delightful addition to your festive celebrations.

  • Material: Stainless Steel for durability and shine
  • Color: Available in Gold and Silver to suit your holiday theme
  • Size: 15cm x 2.8cm - the perfect size for festive dining
  • Weight: A light and elegant 14g
  • Quantity: Each order includes 1 delightful spoon

Perfect for:
- Christmas decoration
- Home Christmas decoration for a festive atmosphere
- Spreading the joy of Merry Christmas (Navidad)
- Welcoming Noel with warmth and cheer
- Ushering in the New Year with style
- Gifting loved ones with a touch of Christmas magic

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