Plain Kraft Paper Boxes: Black, Brown, and White Options

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Plain Kraft Paper Boxes: Black, Brown, and White Options

Explore the versatility of our Kraft Paper Boxes, available in classic black, rustic brown, and pristine white. These simple yet effective boxes are ideal for packaging small gifts, candies, and favors for various occasions. In this listing, we focus on the understated elegance of our black boxes.


  • Color Options: Black, Brown, White
  • Gift Box Size:
    • 11.5x7x3.5cm (4.5x2.8x1.4 inches)
    • 18x11.5x3.5cm (7.1x4.5x1.4 inches)
  • Gift Bag Size: Available in sets of 10pcs, 20pcs, and 50pcs


Our Black Kraft Paper Boxes are designed for simplicity and functionality, offering an easy and clean solution for your event preparations. Whether you choose black, brown, or white, these boxes are crafted for durability and practicality. Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your party favors, the black option is particularly versatile and classic.

Order your set now and discover the timeless appeal of black boxes for your event!


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