Rectangular Silicone Bread Pan Mold

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Product Description:

1. High-temperature resistance: applicable temperature range of -40 to 440 degrees Fahrenheit, can be used in refrigerators, ovens, and steamers.

2. Easy to clean: can be washed with water or dishwasher.

3. Long life: The performance of silicone materials is very stable, and the life of cake moldings is longer than other materials.

4. Soft and comfortable: Due to the softness of the silicone material, the cake mold product is comfortable to touch, very soft, and will not be deformed.

5. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: Raw materials from the factory to the finished product will not produce toxic or harmful substances.

6. Product specifications: approx. 29.5 * 12.7 * 6.5cm (slight deviation due to manual measurement), 183g 7. Product color: as shown

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