Shine Bright in the Kitchen: LED Digital Timer Extravaganza

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Shine Bright in the Kitchen: LED Digital Timer Extravaganza

Transform your kitchen experience with our LED Digital Kitchen Timer. More than just a timer, it's your partner for efficient cooking, peaceful sleeping, thrilling outdoor sports, and productive work sessions. Make every moment count!


  • Product: Baseus Rotation Countdown Timer
  • Type: Mechanical Alarm Counter Clock
  • Material: ABS
  • Timing Range: 0-99 minutes, 0-55 seconds


  • Magnetic Marvel: Easily install with magnetic support for added convenience.
  • Quick Adjustment: Set your time with a stop every 5 seconds for precise timing.
  • Adjustable Range: From 00:00 to 99:55, giving you flexibility in your countdowns.
  • Count Up and Down: Versatile timer supporting both counting up and down for various tasks.
  • Heyo Rotation: Enjoy the LED digital display, rotating regulation, and sound reminders for a full sensory experience.


  • CE / EU Certified

Timely Timers:

  • Timers Type: Digital Timers
  • Fixed Time: 1-6 hours
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plastic Type: PC
  • Type: Timers

Illuminate your kitchen and time management with the LED Digital Kitchen Timer. An essential tool for any home chef, it adds a touch of brilliance to your culinary adventures. Stay punctual, stay efficient—let the LED light guide you through your kitchen journey!

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