Transparent Utility: Clear Polypropylene Bags

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Transparent Utility: Clear Polypropylene Bags

Product Information:

Style: Opp Top Open Bags

Material: Clear Opp, Oriented Polypropylene

Thickness: Double Face 0.05mm (5 wire)

Pack: 100pcs / 50pcs / 25pcs

One Pack, Quantity Maybe Have 1-2pcs More Or Less

Introducing our Transparent Utility: Clear Polypropylene Bags, designed for convenience and versatility. Crafted from clear Opp (Oriented Polypropylene), these bags offer a see-through solution for your storage and packaging needs.

The Opp Top Open Bags style provides easy access, making them ideal for a variety of uses. The double-face thickness of 0.05mm (5 wire) ensures durability and strength, giving you confidence in your storage choices.

Choose from packs of 100pcs, 50pcs, or 25pcs, accommodating your specific requirements. Please note that in one pack, the quantity may have 1-2pcs more or less, ensuring you always have a sufficient supply on hand.

These clear polypropylene bags are a practical addition to your organizational toolkit. Whether you're storing small items, packaging treats, or organizing supplies, these bags provide a simple and effective solution.

Order your Transparent Utility: Clear Polypropylene Bags today and experience the convenience of transparent, durable packaging for your various needs!

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