Versatile Nylon Filter Bag: Your Essential Kitchen Companion

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Versatile Nylon Filter Bag: Your Essential Kitchen Companion

Are you tired of straining tea, filtering wine, or separating yogurt? This Nylon Filter Bag is here to make your life easier. Made from food-grade nylon, it's safe and durable. Whether you need a fine mesh for your morning coffee or a coarser one for brewing beer, this bag has you covered.

Product Details:

  • Type: Nylon Filter Bag
  • Usage: Ideal for tea, food, oil, and more
  • Metal Type: Nylon
  • Material: Food-grade nylon
  • Feature: Nut milk bag
  • Certification: CE / EU, CIQ

Mesh Sizes for Every Need:

  • 100 mesh (150 microns μm): Perfect for filtering beer, soy milk, and more
  • 200 mesh (75 microns μm): Great for tea, milk, yogurt, coffee, and oil
  • 300 mesh (48 micrometers μm): Ideal for tap water filtration, wine, and enzymes
  • 500 mesh (25 micrometers μm): Suitable for fine wine, cold water precipitation, and more

Say goodbye to the hassle of filtering and enjoy the convenience of this reusable filter bag. Get one for your kitchen today!



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