103 pcs Waxed Cotton Candle Wicks Set

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103 pcs Waxed Cotton Candle Wicks Set

Ignite your creativity with our 103 pcs Waxed Cotton Candle Wicks Set, the ultimate choice for crafting unique and beautiful candles. This set comes with 100 pcs of high-quality cotton wicks, each carefully crafted for a smokeless and clean burn.

Made from premium cotton, these wicks are designed to work seamlessly with soy oil wax, providing a stable and even flame for your candles. The woven construction ensures the wicks maintain their integrity, delivering a reliable performance every time you light up.

Whether you're a seasoned candle maker or just starting your DIY candle journey, this set is perfect for creating candles that radiate warmth and charm. Including a sturdy stand adds convenience to your crafting process, keeping the wicks in place as you pour and mould your candles.

Bring your candle-making ideas to life with the 103pcs Waxed Cotton Candle Wicks Set. Elevate your candle game and let your creativity shine bright!

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