120Pcs Waxed Cotton Candle Wicks: Original Smokeless DIY Wick Set

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120Pcs Waxed Cotton Candle Wicks: Original Smokeless DIY Wick Set

Experience the perfect blend of soy wax and cotton thread with our 120Pcs Waxed Cotton Candle Wicks. Ideal for DIY candle making, these original smokeless wicks come with a convenient stand, making your candle crafting a breeze.


  • Material: Soy wax and cotton thread
  • Candle-making supplies

Say goodbye to the hassle of finding the right wicks for your candles. Our waxed cotton wicks with stands offer a perfect combination of quality and convenience for your candle-making endeavors.

Experience the ease of installation and worry less about cutting abilities. These wicks are not only heat-resistant but also light enough to enhance your candle-burning experience.

When it comes to saving power while enjoying the ambiance of candles, these wicks are your go-to choice. Designed for use with soy, gel, or paraffin, they are both economical and environmentally friendly.

The high-quality wicks undergo degreasing treatment, featuring an outer layer of wax that resists bending when ignited. The non-slip iron bottom adds stability to your candle creations.


  • Core Length: 2.6/6/8/10/15/20cm
  • Wick Diameter: 2mm
  • Support Diameter: 14mm

Elevate your candle-making journey with the 120Pcs Waxed Cotton Candle Wicks. Embrace the joy of crafting beautiful candles with original smokeless wicks that set the mood for any occasion.

Package Included: 120 x Candle Wick

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