Amazing Fast Defrosting Tray Thaw Frozen Food Meat Fruit Quick

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Brand: Meijuner

Material: Aluminum


  • S:23X16.5X0.2cm
  • M:29.5X20.5X0.2cm
  • L:35X20.5X0.2cm
  • S:23X16.5X0.2cm with corners
  • M:29.5X20.5X0.2cm with corners
  • L:35X20.5X0.2cm with corners
The corners are random colour(green, red, yellow, etc.) 

✔ Through the contact of food with thawing plates using special environmentally friendly materials and processes, frozen foods are quickly thawed

✔ Easy to clean! The special process makes the thawing plate easy to clean, non-stick oil

✔ Easy to use, saving electricity and environmental protection! No need for other investment, save water and electricity

✔ Principle: The thawing plate is a special alloy with a thermal conductivity of 20,000 times that of ordinary metals, achieving high-speed heat exchange, allowing frozen foods to achieve the fastest natural thawing effect

✔ Advantages: speed, short time, can effectively save time, and can maintain the original taste and nutrition of food, health and hygiene. Corrosion resistance, long service life

✔ The thawing speed using the quick thawing plate is 5.6 times the thawing speed of the common ceramic ware.

✔ Note: The ceramic wares are thawed for approximately 91 minutes, and the rapid thawing plate is thawed for approximately 16 minutes

✔ By thawing the rapid thawing plate, nutrition and gravy can be firmly locked in the meat, reducing the overflow of juice when the food is thawed, and retaining its deliciousness

✔ Defrost frozen food within minutes - Thaw chicken breasts, steak, pork chops, lamb chops and more within 30-60 minutes depending on thickness

✔ Defrost smaller food such as burgers, sausages, prawns and bacon even faster!

✔ Absolutely no chemicals or electricity is used. As opposed to microwave ovens that partially cook the food during the defrosting process, the Tray defrosts the meat safely and quickly

✔ The Magical Defrost tray stays cool to the touch throughout its use, no pre-heating or hot water is required. Simply place frozen food onto the tray and it will defrost up to faster than at room temperature

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