Carrot-Style Bag Clips Set for Fresh Food Storage

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Carrot-Style Bag Clips Set for Fresh Food Storage

Keep your snacks fresh and delicious with our Carrot-Style Bag Clips Set. This 5-piece collection of adorable sealing clips is the perfect kitchen tool for preserving the flavour and quality of your favourite treats.


  • Material: PP
  • Size: About 11cm long
  • Style: Carrot

Crafted from high-quality PP material, these carrot-shaped clips are not only charming but also contribute to health and environmental protection. With five clips in each set, you can quickly seal the mouth of snack bags to keep them moisture-proof and preserved for an extended period, preventing deterioration and maintaining freshness.

Whether you're dealing with unfinished snacks or want to store ingredients, these sealing clips are a fun and practical solution. Embrace the whimsical design of carrot-shaped clips that add a touch of joy to your kitchen storage.

Keep your snacks from losing their crunch, or your ingredients lose their flavour. Seal in the goodness with our Carrot-Style Bag Clips Set – because freshness should always be this delightful!


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