Disposable Food Cover Set - 100-1000PCS

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Disposable Food Cover Set - 100-1000PCS

Keep your food fresh and protected with our Disposable Food Cover kit, a versatile solution for kitchen, travel, and hygiene needs. This thickened food-grade plastic wrap ensures safe and secure usage, offering durability and convenience in one package.

Key Features:

  • Larger And Thicker: Upgraded to stretch up to 38CM, suitable for various food containers, including cutlery and bowls. Perfect for preserving freshness.
  • Safe And Healthy: Made of high-quality HDPE/LDPE material, non-toxic, tasteless, and environmentally friendly. Ensures the safety of your food and prevents it from getting wet.
  • Properly Wrapped: Each transparent food cover features an elastic band with a suitable curvature, providing a secure fit without excessive tension.
  • Multi-function: Beyond daily preservation, these covers are perfect for outdoor parties or picnics, offering a convenient way to carry and protect your food.
  • Flexible Design: Adjustable to fit various shapes and sizes, including square, rectangular, and round containers. Versatile enough to cover cups, plates, or other food containers.
  • Convenient and Fast: Complete food storage and freshness in just 3 seconds. Enjoy the ease of use and practicality of these disposable covers.


  • Product Material: HDPE/LDPE
  • Use: Disposable

Upgrade your food storage game with these Disposable Food Covers. Whether you're preserving leftovers, traveling, or maintaining hygiene in various situations, these covers provide a reliable and affordable solution. Get the functionality of three items for the price of one!

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