Double Side Dishwashing Sponge - Set of 5/10

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Double Side Dishwashing Sponge - Set of 5/10

Make dishwashing a breeze with our Double Side Dishwashing Sponges! These versatile cleaning tools are your secret weapon for achieving spotlessly clean kitchenware. Whether it's scrubbing away stubborn stains or delicately washing your tableware, these sponges have got you covered.

Product Details:

  • Material: High-density sponge and nylon yarn
  • Double-Sided Design: One side features a soft, high-density sponge screen for easy foaming, while the other side boasts durable nylon yarn for tackling tough stains
  • No Scratches, No Shrinking: These sponges won't damage your pots and pans, and they maintain their shape even after heavy use
  • Convenient Hanging Hole: Designed to save space, you can hang these sponges and keep your countertop clutter-free
  • Size: Approximately 12.2 x 5cm
  • Available Colors: Pink, Green, Yellow
  • Package Includes: 5 or 10 pieces of Cleaning Sponge Brushes

Our Double Side Dishwashing Sponges are designed to tackle all your kitchen cleaning needs. One side is super soft and perfect for creating loads of suds, while the other side is equipped to tackle even the most stubborn stains. Say goodbye to those messy and difficult-to-clean pots and pans. Plus, these sponges are built to last, so no need to worry about them losing their shape.

With a convenient hanging hole, you can keep your kitchen space neat and organized. Choose from a range of delightful colors to match your kitchen decor. Make dishwashing a breeze with these versatile sponges. You won't believe how you managed without them!

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