Eyelashes & Hearts Cotton Aprons

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1. Material: polyester+cotton

2. Width: 68 cm/26.8"

3. Length: 75 cm/29.5"

4. Color: Grey-Black, Black-Black pocket, Black-Grey, Dark Green



1. Soft apron made of polyester and cotton material, skin-friendly, good touch, reusable and durable.

2. Adjustable shoulder strap with sliders ensures a snug fit on your neck, with a large pocket in the middle to hold small kitchen gadgets.

3. Three kinds of fabric protection, not only resists external stains, waterproof and oil-proof, but also breathable and thermal insulation.

4. easy to clean.

5. Suitable for restaurants, hotels, bookstores, florists, cafes and homes.



The product may vary slightly in color and measurement.


Package Includes:

1 x Apron

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