GREENWON Ketogenic Diet Monitor Keto Meter

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Product Description

Using our Ketone meter for breath testing, it is a type of meter specifically calibrated for measuring the level of ketosis for those on a ketogenic diet.

Operating Voltage: 2*AAA batteries


How to use ketone tester:

1.Hold the power button for 3 seconds until the device turns on

2.Wait 20 seconds countdown for device warming-up

3.Blow with the mouthpiece for 6 seconds.

4.the testing result will be displayed on the screen: Ketone breath meter with 3 LCD Display colors for indications: 0 reading with GREEN background, blister “N”, indicates not in ketosis; 0.01 readings with ORANGE background, indicates the light of ketosis over 0.01 readings with the RED background, blister “Y”, indicates medium or higher of ketosis


How to get accurate ketone readings?

1. In order to get accurate ketone readings, please exhaust the residuals completely with the ketone meter before your first use by running the keto breath tester 3 times without blowing, because each ketone breath analyzer was tested during the production before shipping to the warehouse, there may be residuals; if you want to test another person consequently after your testing, please also kindly exhaust your previous residuals

2.Please blow immediately within the first 5 seconds when displaying BLOW on the ketosis tester if you finish the residuals exhaustion step because the ketone breath tester starts analyzing the breath right after the first 5 seconds

3.Take in a moderately deep breath and hold it for 5-10 seconds (blowing directly into the device reduces the concentration of ketones).

4.Breath out slowly and then start blowing on the device when it says blow until the countdown reaches 0.   This is to ensure that the air is from your lungs and not just from the trachea which may represent fresh air or room air.

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