Oversized Disposable Food Cover

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Oversized Disposable Food Cover

Type: Food Grade Lids

Material: High-Quality Food-Grade HDPE/LDPE

Use: Disposable

Protect Your Food with Convenience and Hygiene!

Introducing our Oversized Disposable Food Cover, the perfect solution to keep your food safe from dust, debris, and insects. Made from high-quality food-grade materials, this food cover is ideal for outdoor events, picnics, or any situation where food protection is a priority.

Key Features of Our Oversized Disposable Food Cover:

  • Oversized Design: Our food cover comes in three lengths: 38cm, 70cm, and 120cm (after stretching), making it suitable for covering large baking sheets, dinner plates, or any dish you need to protect.
  • Bigger and Thicker: We've upgraded this product to be larger and thicker, ensuring it can handle different sizes of dishes and provide better protection.
  • Safety and Health: Crafted from high-quality food-grade HDPE/LDPE materials, this food cover is non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, and safe to use. It effectively prevents food from getting wet and maintains freshness.
  • Proper Wrapping: Each food cover features an elastic band with the right curvature, ensuring a secure fit around your plates or dishes without being overly strained.
  • Multi-Function: In addition to everyday freshness and dust protection, these transparent food covers are perfect for outdoor gatherings and picnics due to their portability.
  • Flexible Design: They can adapt to various shapes and sizes, including square, rectangle, round, cups, plates, or other food containers.
  • Convenient and Quick: Achieve complete food storage and preservation in just three seconds.

Available in three lengths, please choose the one that suits your needs: 38cm, 70cm, or 120cm (after stretching).

Package Includes: One roll of Oversized Disposable Food Cover

Not only is this an excellent disposable food cover, but it also serves multiple purposes. Use it as a disposable shoe cover when traveling, a head cover during cooking or showering, and more. It's versatile, affordable, and a single item that offers the functionality of three.

Note: Manual measurements may result in a 1-3cm error, but this will not affect the cover's functionality. Thank you for your understanding.

Upgrade your food protection game with our Oversized Disposable Food Cover. Keep your meals safe and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hygienic food protection. Order yours today!

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