Quirky Sippers: 50 'Bottle' Plastic Bags

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Quirky Sippers: 50 'Bottle' Plastic Bags

Unleash your creativity with our set of 50 'Bottle' Plastic Bags! These playful plastic bags bring a touch of fun to your gatherings. With a charming dot pattern, they're perfect for serving beverages in a unique and entertaining way.

Each pack contains 50pcs of these innovative 'Bottle' Plastic Bags, adding a whimsical twist to your events. Made from durable plastic, they are a quirky alternative to traditional drinkware. Fill them with your favourite beverages and watch as your guests enjoy sipping from these distinctive bottles.

  • Number of Pieces: 50pcs
  • Material: Plastic
  • Pattern: Dot

Whether it's a birthday party, picnic, or any celebration, these 'Bottle' Plastic Bags will be a hit. Get ready to surprise and delight your guests with this unique and eco-friendly drinkware option!

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