Wooden Bamboo Round Pot Dish Bowl Sink Stove Washing Brush

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Wooden Bamboo Round Pot Dish Bowl Sink Stove Washing Brush - Kitchen Cleaning Marvel

Introducing the Palm Pot Brush, your versatile companion in the kitchen cleaning saga! Crafted from durable bamboo and featuring natural sisal coconut palm bristles, this brush is a game-changer when tackling kitchen grime.


  • Material: Wooden Bamboo
  • Model Number: Kitchen Cleaning Brush
  • Usage: Kitchen
  • Style: Hand
  • Type: Other
  • Name: Palm Pot Brush
  • Colour: Wood colour + Brown
  • Size: 8*6.5cm

Bullet Points:

  • High Temperature Resistance: Natural sisal coconut palm for durability and high-temperature resistance.
  • Good Toughness: Pure sisal brush hair with excellent toughness, heat resistance, and abrasion resistance.
  • Durable Scrubber: Smooth, paint-free bamboo handle for longevity and easy storage.
  • Make Cleaning Easy: Moderately soft sisal brush hair and sturdy coconut palm bristles for effective cleaning.
  • Wide Application: Perfect for pots, stovetops, plates, bowls, sinks, and more.

Specifications (about):

  • Name: Palm Pot Brush
  • Material: Bamboo + Sisal, Coconut Palm
  • Colour: Wood colour + Brown
  • Standard: Coarse Brown Bamboo Wood, Sisal Bamboo Wood
  • Size: 8*6.5cm / 3.15*2.56in

Packing List:

  • 1 * Palm Pot Brush

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