Notice: Changes in Product Pricing

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You may have noticed some fluctuating prices happening on our store lately.  We apologize for any confusion or frustration that this may cause.  

We are working hard behind the scenes to keep the store running as smoothly as possible but the fallout from COVID-19 is creating a lot of problems for us.  We are avoiding raising rates as much as we can so we are only adjusting prices when absolutely necessary to do so and we are lowering prices whenever we can.

We have been negotiating on our shipping costs and with our suppliers to try and keep our pricing very reasonable even during this crisis.

So far we have been successful in keeping our pricing the same as before COVID-19, however you may see products go up and down in price from time to time as we react to the ongoing crisis we are in.

We ask for your patience and understanding during this time.   Stay Safe and enjoy your time with your families.

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